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Techniques and strategies for winning at online poker - big winnings

Find all the techniques and strategies for winning at online poker and take away big winnings. Play in our tournaments with poker pros.

When you play poker online it is very necessary to understand that each game has its own rules. While it is fine to bend the rules and play how you want at home, the poker player won't get away with this in any real money games online or in a casino poker room.

These rules are consistent from site to site and hand rankings also remain the same. Often the name of the game gives away to some small degree the rules which are pertinent to that particular game. Poker is generally played with a 52 card deck from which the Jokers are removed. However certain games of poker also call for the Jokers.

The card ranking dictates that the Ace is the highest or lowest card, depending again on the rules and King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and the number cards down, is the order of highest to lowest rank. The two is called a Deuce and this card features in quite a few poker variations as a wild card. You will know this if you see the word "Deuce" or "Deuces" in the name of the game. The Ace ranks below the deuce in low-ball games.

All poker hands are made up of five cards, even if you have been dealt 7, except Pai Gow where both a five card hand and a two card hand is required. If community cards are used then these need to make up a poker hand with the players hole cards. Suits and sixth cards are not used as tie breakers and when the betting rounds are completed all the players still in the game are required to show their hand.

In the case of a wild card or a Joker being used in a game a "Five of a kind" is the best possible hand, if not, this is a "Straight Flush". The best straight flush hand is a "Royal Flush" and this hand contains A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suit. "Four of a Kind" comes next and is self explanatory - the higher the cards rank, the better. A "Full House" is three of the same cards of different suits and a pair of another kind, the higher they rank the better. A "Flush" is five cards of the same suit, a "Straight" is sequential cards, not of the same suit and "Three of a Kind" comes next. The next lowest rankings are "Two Pair", "One Pair" and believe it or not "No Pairs"; with a hand like this, the player should not even still be in the game.

Lowball online poker dictates that the lowest hand of similar rankings count toward winning, so a five card hand of Aces low plus wild card should be the winner. It always helps to check out low card ranking first and become familiar with the game before playing for money or you may become confused and play the wrong game. The concept is that the lowest best hand wins, not the No Pair hand! Lowball poker is not about the lousiest hand, simply the lowest.
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Try to increase your winning by bluffing on deceitful poker game

Thuesday, 24 June 2014
The term deceitful poker game has a double signification. It first points to the poker player who has the full talent of bluffing during a poker game. It is also a very popular game, much esteemed by the players. It can be distinguished by the reflection and the bluff performed by...
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Advantages from poker VIP membership status

Friday, 20 June 2014
Building customer loyalty, today, implies that companies choose modern marketing approach like the adoption of loyalty customer programs such as loyalty cards. With online poker website, this strategy works, too. To retain their players, for example, online poker rooms propose loyalty program rewards that may classify customer as VIP members. Terms...
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High Roller poker: How to play it?

Thursday, 19 June 2014
If you want an incredible experience, you can participate in High Roller poker tournaments. Whether online or in live, the pleasure that you will have is always the same. Note that this kind of event is often designed for elite poker. It is why; the registration fee is very high. Online...
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Live your passion for poker in the best conditions!

Thuesday, 10 June 2014
Thanks to its legalization by numerous governments, by various countries, whether it is poker texas holdem or another poker variant, online poker became a discipline that attracts thousands of players worldwide. This strong and rapid expansion of this card game is largely the result of the development of computer technology and...
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The great advantages of freeroll tournaments

Thuesday, 29 April 2014
By playing in freeroll tournament in online poker, you do not have only one advantage. Effectively, in addition to have the possibility to compete in tournament with real prize freely, without having to pay any registration fee, the poker player has the opportunity to win an interesting prize offered by the...
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Morocco: Poker tournament and electro to discover during the Sismix

Thursday, 03 April 2014
The online poker room Winamax plans to expand its tournament in another region. The area chosen for the installation is Morocco for its attractive climate. Indeed, the sun shines all along the year in Morocco and that is important for players. The Winamax team wishes to reproduce the same atmosphere as...
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Win Irish Winter Festival seats at Paddy Power Poker

Thuesday, 26 June 2012
Paddy Power Poker is offering players the chance to win seats for the Irish Winter Poker Festival 2012 which will take place in Dublin this year. There are many different qualifiers for this event at Paddy Power Poker. The Irish Winter Festival will take place at the Burlington Hotel in...
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Scotty Nguyen on the Black Friday in poker

Thuesday, 03 May 2011
Day 1 of the 2011 WSOP Circuit $1,500 Main Event just kicked off at the Caesar’s Palace and many players now nurture their dreams of winning a seat in the WSOP Main Event to be played in Las Vegas in summer. Many well-known faces turned out among the total of about...
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